10 Things You Should Do With Your Children

Evidently, being a parent is not always an easy and relaxing task, but we can all agree that it is one of the best things that can happen to a person`s life. Of course most parents try to provide their children with the most necessary things, food, home and clothes, but if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship with your kids, you can read below ten things that you should do with them.

  1. Play with them

Playing is an essential part in the life of every child. Do not be bored to play with your child, either inside or outside the house (though the second option is far better because of the fresh air, greater freedom of movement, etc.). When you are playing with your child you are becoming a bigger part in his/her life, you get to know him/her better, you are having fun with him/her. So, for these reasons try and spend even some minutes playing with your kid every day, as playing is really fun.

  1. Be patient and do not interrupt them

Most people are annoyed and frustrated when someone interrupts them while they are talking. Exactly the same is happening with children. You should have patience and listen to your children carefully when they are telling you a story without interrupting them, because that way they know that you are interested in what they have to say.

  1. Look them in the eyes

It is really important to look your kids straight in the eyes when you are talking to them. This way they understand that you are listening to what they are telling you and they can better understand what exactly you are telling them or what you wanting them to do. Also, it is really preferable to kneel when you are talking to your kids, so you can be in the same height as they are. This will help your children with their social skills and you will gain their full attention.

  1. Smile at them even if you are tired

It is a fact that many people are running the whole day in order to manage everything in 24 hours; work, meetings, supermarket, gym, etc., and the only thing that they wish for when coming late at home is a hot, nice bath and a glass of wine, but there it is your kid, who is waiting for you impatiently the whole day. I know that sometimes you are angry, frustrated or even sad about something, but your child doesn`t know about that and all that she/he wants is a smile and a hug from you. When you enter home smile to your child, hug him/her and give him/her a sweet kiss and trust me when you see the smile on his/her face you will definitely feel better; because a simple smile can drive you right to your son`s/daughter`s heart.

  1. Read a story to them

Reading is very important for the development of your child`s brain and of course for the relationship that you are building with your child.mother-and-child-are-reading-1618097 A good idea would be if you establish an hour or a day (bedtime story, every Sunday morning, etc.) where you can sit together with your child and read his/her favourites books. That way it will be something special between a parent and his/her child, something that your child will cherish and wait for gladly.

  1. Discipline your children with love

No one said that a parent cannot scold his/her child when he/she did something that wasn`t allowed, but every time in a situation like this, the parent should always be careful of his/her language, his/her tone of voice and his/her outbursts against the child. You should keep in mind that when you scold your kid you should do that by talking to him/her calmly in your regular voice and by explaining to him/her why that, which had happened, is wrong and which should be his/her behaviour next time. Never take the love and affection away from your children, only because you are mad about something. Of course they should know the difference between wrong and right, but they should also know that no matter what happened, you will always love them.

  1. Have conversations with your children

Communication between people of every age, ethnicity, religion, etc is everything, and the same applies to the relationship that you have with your kids. You should always have conversations with your children, regardless of their age. You can always ask how their day was at school or kindergarten, their afternoon with the grandparents, if they liked the food that you cooked, etc. There are a million different topics that you can discuss with your child and through this way you can show him/her how much you care about him/her and the things that he/she did.

  1. Ask their opinion

It doesn`t matter if it is about moving to another country or what to cook for dinner, you should just ask your children their opinion on the subject. It is very important to include your children in every conversation where a decision has to be made and of course listen carefully to his/her opinion and take it seriously. Your child is a significant member of your family and you should always show that to him/her. Furthermore, through this way your child can learn to be responsible, know that his/her opinion matter as much as anyone else`s and do the same with his/her kids in the future.

  1. Let them get really dirty

children-1247414_1920It`s fun, it`s carefree and it`s liberating when you don`t have to care about your clothes, shoes, hair and face, and children seem to know that. Let your children play freely in the countryside, let them get really wet running outside the house in the rain and please let them play with the mud.
Don`t worry so much about ruining the clothes and let your children enjoy their playing with all their heart, which sometimes also mean getting really dirty.

  1. Don`t get upset with accidents

I know that it is not always easy to control yourself when your child has just broken your favourite and expensive vase or he/she stained the white couch with red sauce, but you should always bear in mind that accidents happen all the time. Also, you should also remember that even adults, who are supposed to be more responsible, can make the same accidents as children. So, when an accident happens and your child is responsible for that, before you run screaming towards him/her, stand, count to ten taking deep breaths and then think that this could have happened to anybody. Of course it is okay to explain to your kid that this should not have happened and why and that next time he/she should be more careful. Otherwise, you can easily establish some rules (food only in the kitchen, do not play in the living room, etc.) that will prevent such accidents at home.


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