About friendship

Friendship: one word, many interpretations, many emotions and images and even more ways of proving it.
If we could define friendship, we would say that it is the selfless feelings of love, thoughts which have as final recipient people for whom another person has strongly the feeling of love and giving. He/she feels that giving is not an obligation, but a need that springs from inside, from the depths of your soul, there where the most innocent, pure and scariest feelings t hat a person hides, nest.
There is a widespread belief that someone can recognize his/her friends at difficult times. Yes, of course this is true; surely your friends will be there for you in your darkest moments, moments of melancholy, despair, when you want to give up, in the moments where even you cannot recognize yourself for whatever reason. It is then that your friends are there in order to bring you back, to remind you the positive aspects of life, to give you motivation and a helping hand in order for you to overcome any difficulty that is plaguing your life. There is indeed the joy of friendship; in the selfless giving.
However, we should not think that our friends are only the ones that help in difficult times. Let`s not stay in our difficult days of our life, but let`s see the friendship in our daily lives, in our routine. As the real friends are an integral part of our routine, are the ones who we are going to call or meet them not only in order to learn their news, but because the need of com munication with them is deeply rooted in us. They are something more than family, something more than psychotherapy; they are the passage so our emotions can come out. True friendship is not pretence and lies; it is really opening up to someone, telling our secret thoughts in front of the eyes and the soul of somebody else at any time. It is a deposit of our soul in an everyday basis. Also, it is a burden, because you need to keep in your mind and soul the most special and hidden world of your friend. This burden though, can lead you to a salvation and emotional fulfilment. You don`t need to have many friends; you cannot. You cannot match your soul so perfectly with the soul of another parson. Friends are our alter ego; they are the reflection of us. Real friends are a great thing, as they are necessary not only in our difficult times, but also in the easy, simple everyday things.

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