How can I control the aggressive behaviour of my children

The majority of the parents is concerned if their child will be able to socialize with other kids of his/her age during infancy and if he/she will integrate smoothly in the social group. An obstacle in the smooth integration of children in different groups is the aggressive behaviour which is responsible for many problems that children, who are aggressive or victims of aggressive kids, are facing. If we could define aggression, we would say that it is an act in which a person can hurt another. The aggressive behaviour can result from wanting an object that someone else possesses or because a child wants to dominate one or more children.
The children are many times victims of aggressive behaviour at school, in the neighbourhood, eve at home, and then they mimic this behaviour and with the use of that they try to solve their differences with others. It is not rare for the parents to be the example of an aggressive behaviour. Although it is quite difficult for someone to handle a child with aggressive behaviour, there is a way of taming the aggression of children, as long as he/she has a great deal of patience and follows the measures below.
  • It is known that with the punishment the aggressive behaviour can be disappeared. This can happen under some circumstances and with a specific kind of punishment. In many occasions punishment can have the exact opposite results, especially if the punishment is verbal or physical and is implemented systematically. When the children see their parents becoming aggressive, they mimic them and become aggressive as well. So, when you want to tame your child`s aggression, you should punish them in different way.
  • Another way of controlling the children`s aggression is the discussion. As hard as it seems for someone to explain to a toddler that aggression cannot solve any problem, it has been confirmed that this kind of discussions reduce the aggressive behaviour. So, you can dedicate some of your time to your child and teach him/her that aggressioncan hurt another person and make him/her miserable, that through aggression he/she cannot solve his/her problems and that he/she can solve his/her differences and conflicts by sharing, waiting for his/her or playing with others. In this way we show to our children other types of behaviour, much more polite. Besides, do not forget that children can understand much more than what we think.
  • Finally, when a child becomes aggressive, try to interrupt him/her or giving him/her another stimulus in order for him/her to focus his/her attenti on somewhere else and not on the aggressive behaviour. Slowly you will see that your child will eliminate the aggressive behaviour.
    Therefore, in order for you to reduce your child`s aggressive behaviour, you should become yourself a good example for him/her to mimic and explain to him/her that the aggressive behaviour cannot solve any problems, but rather it amplifies them. Also, do not forget to praise the correct behaviour ofyour child.

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