About friendship

23. May 2017 p.georgia 0

Friendship: one word, many interpretations, many emotions and images and even more ways of proving it. If we could define friendship, we would say that […]


Little Life

10. April 2017 m.katerina 0

The digital world has invaded into our lives, either we like it or not, and of course we should admit that many things have become […]


Mother vs Woman

7. April 2017 m.katerina 0

In many conversations among women, the phrase “ if you don`t have kids, you don`t get to talk about parenthood“ is very common. I don`t […]

The other self

The other self

26. January 2017 p.georgia 0

Social media have entered into our lives and for most of us they play a very important role. The projection of our lives through these […]