Children and Strangers

Children and strangers

It is a fact that being a parent is not always easy and it is understood that wherever you are or whatever you do, your mind will always be at your child no matter what age he/she might have. Once someone becomes a parent, he/she starts to have a constant feeling of anxiety and of course a feeling of greater responsibility in order that his/her child will never be harmed. For that reason, one of the first things that all parents try to teach their children is to never talk to strangers, never get into people`s cars that they don`t know, never take anything from a stranger, etc. In theory we could say that this seems pretty easy, but unfortunately this is not the reality.

Most children do listen all the instructions that their parents give them and at that time they are convinced that they will follow them blindly and under no circumstances will they stop follow their parents` rules. That is also the reason that many parents think that their children are perfectly prepared for the dangers that exist, because they see their children with how much confidence repeat the rules that they have to follow if they come in contact with an unknown person. Of course no parent is responsible if something does happen to his/her child, because everything can happen within seconds and all of them do their best in order to prepare their children properly.

Unfortunately, when we are dealing with children, things get complicated primarily because of the lack of danger that pervades them. In most cases, the children do know which are the rules and that they are not supposed to talk to strangers, but when somebody approach them with a cute puppy, or holding many, delicious chocolates or some fascinating toys, then everything is forgotten, because they are simply kids and as all kids they love to play with dogs, eat chocolates and receive new toys. So, even if you are really sure about your children that they will always follow the rules, it needs enormous attention, because until a certain age all kids are innocent, they have a lack of danger, cannot imagine what bad things can happen to them, can be easily lured by something they really like, and of course it takes only seconds for someone to kidnap your child in front of your eyes with you even noticing and without your child has a chance to react.

In the following link you can watch a video from Joey Salads about an extremely interesting social experiment regarding this specific topic and its results.


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