The contribution of the personal and collective game in acquiring identity

Πersonal and collective game
All of us in one way or another have developed a particular character, we have obtained an identity. The acquisition of this identity is not something simple, it is not something that happens only once in a person`s lifetime, but it is something that requires time, something which is constantly being built and mutates. The acquisition of identity relates to the children`s social environment, i.e. the people with which they interact with. Alongside an important role in the acquisition of identity plays the individual and collective game.
The importance of individual game is evident, when one considers that when the child plays alone represents a familiar face from his/her environment. How many times have you see your child playing alone the doctor or the teacher, the cowboy or the pr incess? The child, through the individual game, is capable to understand the role of another person, to recognize the distinct elements of this role and to imitate them. Therefore he/she uses the facial expressions belonging to the person he/she imitates. So, the individual game is a kind of show where the child is the star and goes to the position of another person, while simultaneously presents and develops the elements of his/her own character.
Without exception, the collective game is also important in order to obtain an identity. By saying collective game, it is meant the organised games that involve more than one person, such as basketball, football and generally all those games in which a role differentiation occurs. Children`s participation in collective games requires them to understand the roles of the teammates and use this understanding in order to define their own role and their own behaviour. The child perceives him/herself through the participati on in the game and through the system of rules. So, the child strengthens his/her identity with discipline and cooperation.
In conclusion, it is known that the game is the means through which children get to know the world and is a help in order for them to integrate smoothly in to social environment. Thus, both the individual and collective game is important in shaping the identity of a child and for the development of a sound character. Do not worry, then, if your child prefers sometimes to play alone pretending various roles, as the benefits are as important as those of collective game.

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