The (first) bath of the baby


The bath of a baby is a daily ritual and it is a relaxing time for the newborn, but also for older babies. Although most babies love having a bath, as the water reminds them the environment in which they used to live until their birth, there are a small percentage of babies who do not seem particularly pleased with the process. In whichever category your baby belongs, you should establish daily a specific time for his/her bath and prefer that time to be before the night sleep, as the babies relax and sleep better after the bath.

In order for your baby to be secure, it would be preferable for you to follow some instructions and especially to gather some necessary things before the bath. You should always have prepared for the bath the following:

  • A bathtub for the baby
  • A thermometer that measures the water`s temperature
  • Special bubble bath and shampoo for kids, appropriate for the sensitive skin of the babies
  • Special baby oil
  • A towel
  • Clean baby clothes

The process of bathing the baby, no matter how difficult it may seem to you, will become really easy as the time passes by.

You should fill the bathtub with water and hold above it the baby with your one hand by placing his/her head on your arm. With your other hand wash his/her hair and then put a small amount of shampoo with which you should gently rub his/her head, ears and neck. Afterwards, with the bubble bath wash the rest of his/her body and wash away with water. You should pay special attention to the genitals of the baby, as you should wash them from front to back. Then you should wipe your baby with a towel and massage him/her with special oil. The caresses relieve and relax the babies and it is a way to show them your love. At the end you should dress your baby.

The temperature of the water should be from 32° C to 37° C, while the ideal room temperature is from 20° C to 22° C. You should be careful never to leave the baby alone in the bathroom, changing table or in the bed where you dress him/her in order to avoid accidents. Also, you should remember that babies grow up really fast. Enjoy these special moments with them.


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