Good psychology: Ally in weight loss

good psycology and weight loss

How many times has it happen to you to fall in a huge portion of food or devour everything that is in front of you? Either because you had a bad day at work or because you had a fight or because you feel that food is your only company, etc. After that you feel guilty and that is how the vicious circle begins: «I eat too much because I am not emotionally well and then I eat even more because I am bumped that previously ate that much, then I abstained from food in order not get «fat» and then I eat everything for one more time!» and in your effort to lose some weight you start a diet and  in some days after that you stop it because emotionally you are not well. You blame yourself because you cannot manage this and there is when you lose your motivation and your mood spoils even more. You have every good will to lose weight but your psychology… always «ruins» that for you.

Maybe it is a good thing for you to invest in good psychology. You may be the most disciplined and capable person, but sometimes you need to feel well in order to practice your skills and put into practice your goals. Below you can read some advice that can help you have a good psychology:

  • Fill your day with enjoyable activities, even the short time that you may have
  • Think what other things give you pleasure besides food. Maybe it is a walk in the nature or a coffee with a good friend. It would be even more helpful if you write these things down and put them somewhere where you can see them
  • Turn your negative thoughts to positive! For example, think what you have achieved instead of those which you still haven`t
  • Verify that the diet that you follow is balanced. Deprived diets can “upset“ even more your psychology, whereas a balanced diet elevates your mood
  • Schedule your day. Planning will help you saving some time, achieve easier your goals and reduce your stress
  • Exercise even some days inside the week. Exercise increases the hormones that are responsible for the good mood. It may help if you exercise at the time during the day when you usually break out on food. Also, it would be good to make a kind of exercise that you really like, instead of a kind that you really dislike
  • Inform yourself regarding topics about good psychology
  • If you feel the need to consult with a psychologist, then do it. Sometimes a little support helps

So, aim for good psychology! 🙂



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