Little Life

The digital world has invaded into our lives, either we like it or not, and of course we should admit that many things have become faster and eventually more advanced. However, there are many people who refuse to throw away all the old values, such as books by sacrificing everything for the sake of speed and development. Nowadays, many walk around by having a tablet or a kindle at hand, but fortunately there are still those who do not change the company and the wonderful feeling of reading a book with anything else in the world. Some books can be proved real friends, partners and companions who will accompany you for the rest of your life, but those books as valuable as they are, they are equally rare. Such a book though is “Little Life“ from Hanya Yanagihara. It is an excellent, unique and masterful book, which has the ability to make you totally connect with the heroes and put them in your life. The writing of Hanya Yanagihara can easily bring you in touch with all your feelings, even those that you thought you didn`t have, to make you love, laugh and even sober for hours by reading what her heroes are telling you, and of course it makes you wonder even after months what has happened to these 4 people that you met, loved and connected with them. For most people, books are an enjoyable way out of reality, but this specific book is clearly much more. It is the beginning of an internal search, the exploration of our deepest thoughts, the timid appearance of our darkest secrets, the emergence of our suppressed feelings, the look of our soul scars and finally their healing. Many will wonder incredulously if one and only book can bring on the surface so many things that each and every one of us keeps safely locked inside him/her, and the answer is that either you want it or not, with the turn of every page, and the reading of every line, yes it will manage to break your defences and become one with you, just like its heroes, who will remain a part of you forever.


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