How reading books can affect the linguistic development of the children

linguistic development
The way in which a child “conquers“ the native language has been studied by many scientists. Many theories have prevailed regarding the linguistic development, but all of them have one general consensus: the growth of the linguistic development in infancy and early childhood is spectacular.
The importance of the environment in the linguistic development of a child is fundamental. Without exception, the reading of books is also a great tool for the adults in order to help their preschool children to develop their linguistic and communicative development.
The linguistic development can be achieved satisfactorily and effectively if the participation of the adults in reading books is not limited only in selecting the appropriate book and just read it out loud. In the contrary, the role of the adults is more complicated. Along with the reading of the books, the parents should discuss the content with the children, ask them questions, and also encourage them in other activities that are related to the book that they are reading. In order for the satisfactory linguistic development to be achieved through reading books with benefits for the adult life (e.g. better school performance), the adults should encourage the kids to re-enact the content of the book, improvise it or even organise games in which they can emphasize in the sounds and meanings of the book`s words. How can be used appropriately a reading book depends on the nature of its content, the number of the children and the environment.
It is worth noting that the adults should stop reading books to their children, when the latter are able to read the books on their own. The different way of speaking, reading and the colouring of the voice that adults can use help the linguistic development of the children. Let`s not forget that one of the benefits
of reading books is the rich vocabulary and the capability for the kids to express more easily their feelings.
So, a great way to spend quality time with your children is to read to them. The beneficial effects of this activity will be apparent immediately.

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