The first days with the baby at home.


     The arrival of a baby, if nothing else, is a happy event for the family. Of course the pace and the priorities of the members of the family and especially those of the mother change radically. The arrival of the baby at home and the adjusting in this new situation is particularly difficult.

Tips that can help the mother:

  1. Buy all the necessary things before the baby is born. Diapers, shower gels, bathing tubs, changing table and comfortable baby clothes, it is beneficial to have them before the birth of the baby, so you won`t need to search for them while you have the baby at home.
  2. Listen to your baby. Respond to his/her every call. The crying of a baby is the only channel of communication with the adults. Slowly you will be able to translate the crying as hunger, pain, sleepiness or just a hug from the only familiar person to the baby, the mother.
  3. Choose the breastfeeding over the prepared infant food, as breastfeeding is available at any time, has the appropriate temperature without requiring time for the preparation of the milk. Breastfeeding also helps with the emotional bonding between the mother and the baby.
  4. Find time to rest yourselves. Assign the house jobs to your husband or relative or friend and prefer to rest when your baby is also resting.
  5. Have a comfortable and warm environment. The babies are accustomed to the warm environment while they are in their mother`s belly. Make sure that your home is warm and quiet.
  6. Follow a routine. Babies love routine. You should establish a specific time for their bath. It is best to do that before bedtime.
  7. Learn to your baby how to distinguish day from night. During the day you should play and talk to him/her. On the other hand, the hours that your baby is awake at night you should have low light and prevent for talking to him/her, or at least don`t play with him/her.
  8. The most important thing is that your baby feels like a stranger in his/her new environment and only with your care and love he/she will be able to fit smoothly into it.

     Do not forget that your baby will be a baby for very short time and that a mother`s hug is the best medicine.

*This article is a product of personal experience.


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